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[16 Apr 2005 | 5 Comments | ]

After waking up slightly fuzzy headed and a little tired, I was pleased to note that I hadn’t created a disturbance when coming back to my dorm the previous evening. I went to breakfast with Nick and a Scottish lad who was travelling around Europe on a railpass. He had arrived on friday afternoon but didnt come out with us as he was on a budget and had blown it all the previous day in Copenhagen.

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[15 Apr 2005 | 6 Comments | ]

The three Aussies headed off to Stockholm to catch a flight that evening, and I was alone in the city for pretty much the first time since I had arrived. I took the advice of one of the lads and hired a bike to explore, and set out to see the sights that Gothenburg has to offer.

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[14 Apr 2005 | 2 Comments | ]

After waiting in the airport, taking the 1 1/2 hour flight to Gothenburg City Airport and catching a bus to the city centre, it was time to find somewhere to stay for the three nights I was to be in Gothenburg.
Unortunately for me, it began raining as soon as I left the bus station. After about an hour, soaked and tired, I managed to find the Tourist Information desk, and after taking a tram through town I arrived at a hostel. Ten minutes after I got to the dorm …

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[10 Apr 2005 | 6 Comments | ]

I am off to Gothenburg in four days, am starting to look forward to it now. I think I am heading there alone, but thats not a problem, it just creates an opportunity. Quite what the opportunity is, I am yet to discover, but hopefully it will be fun.
I fly on Thursday 14th April around midday, arriving in Gothenburg early afternoon. I plan to find somewhere to stay (whilst utilising my shiny new YHA Membership Card in order to gain a discount) and then head out, find my bearings …

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[22 Mar 2005 | 2 Comments | ]

I was sitting at work on friday, casually surfing the net – as is my inclination to do – when I happened to visit Ryanair, who were advertising 500,000 free seats. I am a big fan of these giveaways, having visited Rome & Turin on previous occasions, through similar offers.
I started looking at availability and came across flights to Gothenburg on the 14th April for three nights, for the princely sum of approximately £30. Bargain. I decided to book it, which I promptly did. So thats my big news. …