Around The World On $2

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Who says it takes a lot of money to travel? Keiichi Iwasaki has spent the last eight years travelling. In that time he has managed to cycle across half the world, yet he set out with the equivalent of US$2 in his pocket. He makes money along the route by doing magic tricks on the street.

Content for Successful Travel Blogs

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What constitutes a good travel blog? How much information should be included? Which topics do people like to read? Do you read for information, enjoyment, curiosity or something else? I have recently started thinking about developing a structure for blog entries, trying to formulate an outline of what posts will be like, partly to work out how to structure things …

Planning Is Overrated

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I recently read a good article about planning, written by Leo Woodland over on crazyguyonabike. I especially like this quote, taken from a conversation the author had with a friend of his: ‘You know what I realised?’ he said with his habit of answering one question with another. ‘Away from civilisation you hardly need any money. And when you’re in …

Plod Forever

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“Plod forever, but never believe you are going to get there.” Those are the words that Sir Ranulph Fiennes used to motivate himself on his third attempt to climb Everest. At the age of 65 he shows us all that if we can control ourselves mentally and not allow negative thoughts to creep in, our bodies are capable of much …

The Cost of Travel

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“I’d love to travel, but I just don’t have the money.” Have you ever heard anyone saying anything along these lines? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. Whenever I hear something like this I am reminded of a common misconception that all travel is expensive. I estimate that two people, on a self supported bicycle tour, camping four or five …