30 August 2006

Taganga: The Atlas Finished at Last

Day 250 - Saturday 27th May 2006

Waking up with enforced freshness (due to no alcohol sales) I made my way to the beach. That took me all of ten seconds as I walked out of my hotel, down 5 steps and there I was. Then it was straight into the water to cool off.


26 August 2006

Santa Marta: Tayrona National Park

Days 247 to 249 - Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th May 2006

In reality after getting to bed at 5am, an 8am start was never going to happen. I thought we all did well to get up at 9am and start preparations for our trip to Parque Nacional Tayrona, the pristine Caribbean beach where we would be kicking back and relaxing for the next few days whilst the elections were going on.


25 August 2006

Santa Marta: Meeting the Locals

Day 246 - Tuesday 23rd May 2006

I woke up about 8am and we were still moving. Apparently we had suffered no more hold ups and we were progressing nicely. The bad news was that we had been held up for about 3 hours, which meant that instead of 22 hours it would take 25 hours. But what is 3 hours between friends!


22 August 2006

Cali: Guerilla Contact

Day 245 - Monday 22nd May 2006

Aaron & I woke up early as planned, packed our things up and checked out of our hostel. Our plan was to head to the Pacific coast of Colombia for the week before heading back to Cali for the weekend to hit the town.


20 August 2006

Cali: Plastic Fantastic

Day 244 - Sunday 21st May 2006

When we were in Quito we had been told that everyone heads to the shopping mall on Sunday. Being in the place where the hottest Colombians live, we thought what better way to spend a Sunday than taking in some scenery of a different nature.


19 August 2006

Cali: Salsa/Party Capital

Day 243 - Saturday 20th May 2006

We waited until lunchtime to go to the airport to take our flight to Cali. We said see goodbye to the Swedes and Jon and took a taxi. The airport was the most security conscious airport I have seen. A check in the taxi on the way into the airport, a check once in the airport, a check to go into departures lounge, a check leaving the departures lounge to walk out to our plane and a final check before boarding.


16 August 2006

Pasto: Blockades

Days 240 to 242 - Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th May 2006

Waking up for my first full day in Colombia was a decent feeling as Colombia was probably one of the countries I had most looked forward to visiting since starting to think about travelling in this part of the world.


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