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Catamaran Cruise

Last Sunday, Yami and I went on a catamaran cruise along the west coast of Barbados. We went on El Tigre, and had a really good day, with all food and drink included in the price.

Photo Albums Collection

I’ve made some photo albums from Latin America, grouped by country. They can all be found on the Photography page, but here are the links for simplicity: Mexico Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama Argentina Bolivia Peru Colombia


These photos were all used within the daily entries from my time in Colombia. You can find them in the links in the text from the daily entries, but I thought it might be useful to group them together in one place for anyone interested in a quick photo tour of the country. Back to [...]

Golf at Apes Hill

I played my first 18-hole round at Apes Hill just before Christmas. As you can see from the photos, the course is nothing short of spectacular.

Sleeping Bags Purchased…

To keep up with the lists of equipment purchased, I have a couple of items to add to the list. First are the sleeping bags. These were bought from Alpkit, and are the Skyehigh 800 for me, and the Skyehigh 1000 for Yami. Here’s a couple of photos of Yami testing her bag out…

Flying From Barbados To Dominica

Recently I had to go to nearby Dominica as part of work, and as luck would have it, the bosses private 4-seater plane was available, so I got to take a trip from Barbados via St Lucia in style. Here are some photos from the plane; Barbados


Below are the photos taken in Panama. These can also be accessed through the blog entry that relates to the day the particular photo was taken. Highlights from Panama include: Spending some time in Bocas Del Toro Hiking in the mountains of Boquete Visiting the Panama Canal The town of El Valle Beach life in [...]


These are the photos taken in Honduras, highlights from Honduras include: The beach town Omoa New Years Eve Scuba diving in the Bay Islands A city tour of the capital city, Tegucigalpa Back to Photography Main Page or Jump straight to Photos from: Argentina Bolivia Colombia Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Peru


These photos were all used within the daily entries from my time in Guatemala, from Flores to Rio Dulce near the border with Honduras. In between, I studied Spanish in Antigua and San Andres, learnt to scuba dive and spent Christmas at Lake Atitlan. Back to Photography Main Page or Jump straight to Photos from: [...]

More Equipment Purchased…

Although there hasn’t been much activity here for a while, I haven’t neglected planning for the tour. Following on from the previous entries regarding purchasing equipment here’s another entry about the latest purchases, namely a tent, a camera and some handlebar bags for the bikes.

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