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Day 174 – Sunday 12th March 2006
I wanted to return to Argentina on the following day, which left me about 8 hours to see Santiago before the Oasis concert began in the evening. Whistlestop tour it would have to be, but that is better than nothing. As I walked along a street leading to the city centre I came to a blocked off area and saw a lot of police milling around. I asked someone what was going on and was informed that there would be a parade in honour …

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Day 172 – Friday 10th March 2006
The huge distances between points of interest in Argentina means a lot of time is spent on buses going from town to town. That is unless you want to fly, which works out a tad too expensive. So with the Oasis concert in mind I set out from Bariloche at half five in the morning to make the 1300km trip to Santiago.